Friday, December 9, 2011

Final Resolution Predictions

1. Bobby Roode v. AJ Styles - 30-man iron man match for the Heavyweight Title. Roode is proving to be a pretty great heel. He's been doing nothing but antagonizing Dixie lately, and I don't think that's gonna be over soon. Sting has plenty more consequences to deal Roode. Ali's Pick: Bobby Roode.

2. Gail Kim v. Mickie James - Knockouts Championship. Karen Jarrett's been doing everything to give Gail Kim a free ride, but that may be coming back to bite her in the ass. She's been making things TOO easy for Kim, while throwing the largest obstacles she can find for Mickie to climb over. Throwing over Gail Kim at this point is gonna be a cake walk for the former Knockouts Champ. Ali's Pick: Mickie James

3. Jeff Hardy v. Jeff Jarrett - Steel Cage match. If Jarrett wins, Hardy has to leave forever. If Hardy wins, he gets the next shot at the heavyweight champion. I think I mentioned this before, but I don't like either of these conclusions, and I'm hoping they hit the floor at the same time and cancel out the conditions. Sadly, this one is all too obvious. Ali's Pick: Jeff Hardy

4. Matt Morgan & Crimson v. Devon & Pope - Tag Team Championship. Before this week, I would have counted Devon & Pope as being very likely to take the titles. However, since Devon's kids got involved, and Devon lost his shit, I think there's way too much conflict there. Those tag titles aren't going anywhere. Ali's Pick: Matt Morgan & Crimson

5. Austin Aries v. Kid Kash - X-Division Championship. I, uh... well, I'm not sure there's enough development here, actually. These two weren't even on the show this week. I know who I'd *rather* see win the match, so we'll just go with that. Ali's Pick: Austin Aries

6. Robbie E v. Eric Young - Television Title. I honestly have no idea. But Robbie E is a douche and I want him off MY television... Ali's Pick: Eric Young

7. Kurt Angle v. James Storm - I think Storm won the verbal battle this week. Kurt visibly backed down. Well, here's one prediction for this match: It'll be longer than the last time. And here's another: Ali's Pick: James Storm

8. Christopher Daniels v. Rob Van Dam - Seriously? Curtain-jerker, for sure. Absolutely no story there other than having one match together. This feels like a rub to me, though... Ali's Pick: Christopher Daniels

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