Friday, December 9, 2011

Impact 12-8-11

So I made a few predictions this week, and they all came true! Karen Jarrett was a Bitch (tm), Jeff Jarrett hated on Jeff Hardy a LOT. Bully Ray and Steiner were awesome. And they even managed to fit in a few matches! So here's how that went:

1. Samoa Joe v. Abyss - 3
2. Madison Rayne v. Mickie James - 3
3. Gunner v. Garrett Bischoff - 2
4. Traci Brooks v. Gail Kim - 4
5. Jeff Hardy & A.J. Styles v. Jeff Jarrett & Bobby Roode - 4

I don't want to say that the main event was spectacular, or a long-term classic. It was just better than I expected it to be. Madison Rayne showed us more moves than usual this week. And hey, I was just happy not to have to be subjected to Knockouts in Bikinis Part 2.

So, a couple of pre-Pay-Per-View confrontations this week. James Storm was in the house, and Kurt Angle didn't get to say much. Meanwhile, Devon and Pope decided to have a pow-wow with the current Tag Team Champions. Devon showed respect, but Pope insulted them, which resulted in a brawl. Which resulted in Devon's kids getting involved and helping Pope beat down Matt Morgan. Which resulted in Devon's wrath. Pope doesn't seem too concerned, though.

In other storyline continuations, Gunner lost a match against Garrett Bischoff and then gave him a piledriver on the concrete, at Eric Bischoff's urging. Bully Ray and Steiner helped Abyss win his match, but Abyss wasn't falling for their tricks. Later, Steiner said he was going to go talk to Eric Bischoff. SHUT UP AND GO TALK TO HIM ALREADY. Umm... other than this week's episode of Karen Jarrett is a Bitch, I guess that's about it. Stay tuned for the prediction post.

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