Friday, October 21, 2011

Raw 10-17-11

The matches:

1. Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, & Christian v. John Morrison, Sheamus, and Randy Orton - 3 out of 5. Not much to say about this match, really.
2. Natalya v. Eve - 2 out of 5. More of the same. Except now, Eve is the title contender.
3. CM Punk v. The Miz - 4 out of 5. This was the highlight of the night for me. Punk and Miz in the ring, with Triple H and Truth in their respective corners? Yes, please!
4. Zack Ryder v. Jack Swagger - 3 out of 5. Did Zack Ryder just win a squash??
5. Dolph Ziggler v. Mason Ryan - 2 out of 5. I mean, I get it, but meh.
6. John Cena and Jim Ross v. Alberto Del Rio and Michael Cole - 3 out of 5. Yeah, I thought we were done seeing Michael Cole's ring presence, too.

Vengeance is this weekend, and I wish I could say I was more excited about it. Much of the card is lackluster, and in a couple of places, there are huge problems I have with it. Two big developments came out of Monday's program, so let's talk about them.

First of all, The main event won John Cena the right to name the stipulation in the WWE championship match against Del Rio. First he demonstrated, and then for those who were not in the know, he explained that he's chosen a Last Man Standing match. I'm not sure how to feel about this. I try not to let others influence my opinions on such matters, which is probably good because I've heard both sides. It just seems like this is the kind of match that can be great or awful depending on who the competitors are. With Cena and Del Rio? I'd like to hold out hope, but expecting a solid 3.

Now, here's the development I had a huge problem with: Eve v. Beth Phoenix for the Diva's championship. Hey, fans, remember when Beth had to win a Diva's Battle Royal to earn the right to face Kelly Kelly? Yeah, apparently neither does the 'E , cause they just handed the opportunity to Eve. What? I can't even... this bothers me on so many levels. First of all, they seem to be just fine with this idea that they only have 4 women on the roster. We all like Nat and Beth, but would it kill us to have a NON-TITLE storyline between a couple of the other girls? Nobody noticed Alicia Fox go face after Natalya punished her for losing a tag match, so it wouldn't bother anybody to have her turn heel again and start a rivalry against A.J. Kaitlyn could beat the hell out of Maryse on a semi-regular basis. Get Layla back on her feet again and pair her up with Tamina to shut up those damn Bella Twins once and for all. You're letting two-thirds of your women's roster rot while you push the same four girls every single week, and without even a shred of consistency.

The other problem I have with the new contender is the message it sends about the women's division. Like I mentioned above, before Beth was the champion, before she was even the #1 contender, she had to go through the rest of the Divas, all at once, in order to have the privilege of being in the title race. Now that she is the champion, Eve has to do nothing but be Kelly Kelly's best friend. Was Kelly Kelly really so untouchable that they needed a competition to determine if anyone was good enough to take her on? Is Beth's reign worth less than Kelly's, that anyone who wants to have a shot just automatically gets a pay-per-view match? No, no, this is not a world I want to live in. Dammit, WWE, stop shitting all over the Divas, and give them something to do. TNA tells more compelling stories with their women, and they have less who are currently wrestling than you! Their last champion was a vampire, for crying out loud, and I'd rather watch them than see what you're doing (or not doing) with your girls.

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