Sunday, July 15, 2012

Money in the Bank talk

I can't really call this post "Money in the Bank predictions", because I really don't actually want to make any predictions here.

1. WWE championship Money in the Bank match:  So we only have four competitors to this match this year, which honestly, I am okay with.  I was wondering how they were going to handle the matches this year, since the brand extension is all but dissolved, and therefore it makes no sense to have one briefcase for each show.  So what they did is that they have made the contracts specific to the two big championships instead.  On top of that, only former champions are allowed to compete for the WWE championship contract.  I'll admit, I literally banged my head against a wall when John Cena declared he was throwing his name in the hat for the match.  But the more I think about it, the more I like the idea that only veterans can compete for the biggest title in the company.  I think it elevates its meaning.  I could do without the whole Big Show/John Cena drama that is basically front and center, but then again, who else would they have put in that match?  Swagger?  Miz?  And don't say Ziggler, because honestly, why?  Just to get killed for the 4,000th time?  I could go on about Ziggler, but that's for another post.

2. World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank match:  In stark contrast to the first match, this one has twice as many competitors, which as I said I am okay with.  This one gives a variety of under- an mid-carders an opportunity to shine.  Last year's winner was Daniel Bryan, who was an internet darling at the time, but not real noticed by the casual fan.  Since then he's made himself a household name, and it's not just the IWC who knows his name anymore.  Now, while I like the concept of a few veterans v. several random guys, I do have some problems with the way this match is booked.  Well, I have two problems with this match, and their names are Christian and Santino Marella.  Sadly, it looks like Cody's on to something about Christian.  He doesn't feel like he cares about the title the way Cody did.  Having both the midcard champions in this match makes the midcard feel very unappreciated.  The only way to salvage it is for Christian to win, cash in for the title, and then hold both his belts in the air from the top rope going, "neener neener neener!" as Cody just looks on with disgust from the floor.  It could happen, I suppose.  Anything could happen.  I'm not sure there's a real favorite to win this one.  Personally, I like Cody, and I hope he goes over.  But this one really is such a toss-up.

3. World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus v. Alberto Del Rio.  Urgh... you know what?  I have to give credit where it is due to the creative team for whipping up a last-minute go-home story with Del Rio continually attacking Sheamus this last week.  As far as the competitors go, Sheamus just really doesn't do anything for me.  And while I like Del Rio just fine, I think I mark harder for Ricardo when it comes down to it.  That being said, I had the same kind of reaction going into Randy Orton & Mark Henry's first pay-per-view battle, and I was pleasantly surprised.  So we'll have to see what happens.

4. WWE Championship: CM Punk v. Daniel Bryan, with AJ as the special guest referee.  Ho boy, this is where the party is, kids.  The IWC wets its collective pants while the whole world wonders just what the fuck is actually going to happen here.  Will AJ favor one of her boy toys?  Will she call it straight down the middle?  Will she take a third option, screw them both, and declare herself the winner?  It's interesting to watch a female be the focal point of a storyline.  And this isn't just any storyline, it's the biggest storyline in the company.  She's inserted herself into the rivalry that already existed between Punk and Bryan, and she's turned it around so that the whole thing is about her.  And it's better than it sounds on paper, most of the time.  Granted, this week's Raw was extremely painful, but I'm not any less interested to see the outcome because of it.  I like to think it's just Second Act lag.

Okay, so maybe I have one prediction.  Ryback will probably beat up on Curt Hawkins and/or Tyler Reks at some point.  The Funkasaurus might have a little dance break with the Funkateers.  Perhaps Layla and Beth Phoenix will have an impromptu championship match, not that it matters anymore (sigh).  And maybe, just maybe, Tensai beats the crap out of Dolph Ziggler during the WHC MitB, and Vickie ends up leaving with him.

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