Sunday, March 25, 2012

Smackdown 3-23-12

1. Mark Henry v. R-Truth - 4 out of 5
2. AJ v. Brie Bella - 3 out of 5
3. Zack Ryder v. Jack Swagger - 4 out of 5
4. Big Show v. Kane - 2 out of 5
5. Brodus Clay v. Heath Slater - 3 out of 5
6. The Great Khali v. Dolph Ziggler - 4 out of 5
7. CM Punk & Sheamus v. Daniel Bryan & The Miz - 4 out of 5

Here's the big thing I want to say about Smackdown this week: I really, really hope that the writers can keep this momentum rolling through next week. There's only one week to go before the Greatest Show on Earth, and this show really felt like a pay-per-view build-up. I almost feel like most of this show should have been saved for next Friday, but we'll just have to wait and see what they give us on the last show of the wrestling year.

At the very least, the performers seem to be feeling the excitement of an upcoming WrestleMania. I didn't expect as good a match as we got from Zack Ryder and Jack Swagger, but those boys threw down, just like they were supposed to. Dolph Ziggler sold the shit out of Khali to the point that he made the big man actually look entertaining. Almost everything in this show was the higher-quality product that we should be seeing from the company at this time of the year.

I want to call special attention to AJ's improvement. I've always liked her. She's adorable, she's got great energy, and I think she could very well be the future of the Divas division in WWE. But when she was paired up with Daniel Bryan, there was something that wasn't clicking for me. What I finally realized is that her arms were dead weight, and she just kind of stood around looking awkward no matter what was happening. She must have got some ring-side tips, because now she behaves the way a ring girlfriend should. She's right up at the apron. She calls out to Daniel when he's in the ring. She shows emotion and worry when he's getting tossed around. She grins and gets excited, and applauds him when he's hoisted himself into the corner after a win.

Here's hoping this week rises to this bar.

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