Friday, March 23, 2012

Impact 3-22-12

Girls Watch Wrestling will be going to a live event on Saturday! This is immediately after I get home from work, so I will not have time tomorrow to update with my Smackdown review. Instead, look for it on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! In the meantime, enjoy TNA:

1. Austin Aries v. Zema Ion v. Kid Kash v. Anthony Neese (X-Division Championship) - 3 out of 5
2. Mexican America v. Eric Young & ODB (Knockouts Tag Championship) - 3 out of 5
3. Garrett Bischoff v. Kurt Angle (3-minute challenge) - 1 out of 5
4. Mexican America v. Samoa Joe & Magnus (Tag Team Championship) - 4 out of 5
5. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian v. James Storm - 2 out of 5

This week was the first Impact after Victory Road, and it really felt like what a post-pay-per-view show should be, for the most part. We've got the March show under our belts now, and it's time to start building to Lockdown, which generally means getting on with it in many cases. Of course, the biggest development last night came in the form of Sting losing his goddamn mind. Again. This is not in a "I'm gonna slap on some half-assed face paint and quote the Wizard of Oz because Al Snow is in that Witches of Oz thing and our next show happens to have the word 'road' in it" kind of way. This was in a "I suck at history" kind of way.

My boyfriend tells me that there is a Sting career flow chart somewhere, and it's just a circle. Sting trusts a guy, guy betrays Sting, Sting and guy have a match. Wash, rinse, repeat. If I had watched Sting's career over the years, maybe the next step wouldn't have come as quite a headbanger, but as it is, I'm left going, "THAT DOESN'T MAKING ANY FLIPPING SENSE!!"

Sting doesn't want Dixie to fire Bobby Roode. Sting wants Dixie to let James Storm punish him. Also, Sting feels that he can't half-ass either aspects of his job, so he has to choose between GM or Wrestler. He chose wrestler. He also suggested a replacement for himself. His reasoning for wanting Hogan to take over amounted to, "I've known the guy for 20 years." Are you kidding me? That should be your prime reason to NOT trust the guy! Didn't Sting just go through Flair to get to Hogan to return control of the company back to Dixie?

For her part, however, Dixie was reasonably hesitant. The suggestion shocked her at the beginning of the show, but then she had a whole two hours to think about it, and she decided that she trusts Sting's judgement. You know something Dixie? You might be the only one. Sting is apparently a horrible judge of character.

The worst part about all this? The show ended before we got an answer from Hogan. Which means he's gonna kick us off next week.

In other news, both halves of Mexican America tried and failed to win Tag Team Championships in order to get the money to keep their car from being towed. In the end, not only was the car repossessed, so were the girls. Whaaaa...? And then Kurt Angle got mad when he realized that Garrett Bischoff won the 5-minute challenge last week, so instead of doing the logical thing and making him last longer, he takes it down to a 3-minute challenge. I was confused about that, but then it all made sense when Gunner showed up and helped Angle kick the shit out of Baby Bisch.

But hey, ODB and EY are getting married. So, there's that.

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