Saturday, February 11, 2012

Smackdown 2-10-12

The matches:

1. The Great Khali v. Jinder Majal - Who Cares out of 5
2. Beth Phoenix v. Alicia Fox - Yawn out of 5
3. Sheamus & Big Show v. Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes - Ooo Wade and Cody! out of 5
4. Ted DiBiase v. Hunico - What, still? out of 5
5. Daniel Bryan v. Randy Orton - Same shit, different face out of 5

Um, WWE? Did anyone tell you that you're coming out of a pay-per-view? So there should be movement forward. You know what? I think I know what's been going on here these last couple of weeks. I think WWE and TNA have ganged up on us to play a practical joke. They've switched writing teams. That's why there's been clean finishes and stories that make sense on Impact, while Raw and Smackdown have been slow, repetitive, and non-conclusive.

Don't get me wrong, there were things about the show I liked. The IWC is fairly well split down the middle, from what I can gather, about the Daniel Bryan "I'm Vegan and I'm better than you" angle, but I quite enjoy it, and Cole's interview with AJ was one part I actually stopped and really paid attention to. AJ proved her worth on the mic, Bryan got to play up his heelish qualities, and Cole got to... um, be Cole I guess.

Wait, is Cole turning face? Does the company know? Last week he was apologizing to Daniel Bryan for being wrong about him, and now this week, he's back to berating him. I'm so confused.

And that's really all there is to say about the show. We had to watch the elimination chamber participants get split up into two matches again: one tag-team, and one singles. And Bryan once again got a DQ victory by antagonizing the big man sitting at commentary into attacking him. I tell you what, I will be ECSTATIC when both Henry and Show are out of the picture for Bryan. Then maybe he can actually start building towards being a believable heel champion. Right now it just feels a little forced, and as I said before, repetitive.

It says something, WWE, when your fans are talking about your competitor for almost the entire length of your show. STEP IT UP! All we want is for you to live up to all the potential you possess.

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