Sunday, February 12, 2012

Against All Odds Predictions

So, for a change, I'm actually looking forward to a pay-per-view event being held by TNA! They are going to be back in the Impact Zone tonight, after the previous two shows were taped in an absolutely AMAZING arena in England, so I'm not so much looking forward to the crowd, but I'm hoping they can do something tonight that will get them back on their feet again.

1. Crimson & Matt Morgan v. Samoa Joe & Magnus (Tag Team Championship): The Wild Card Tag Team Tournament was one of the best ideas the company has had this year, and two great things have come from it. EY & ODB is one, the other is the tag team of Magnus and Samoa Joe. It could potentially be a way to actually put Joe over, but so far Magnus has been the one shining strong. It's actually a little hard to say where this one is going, but if the challengers do prevail, expect it to be because Magnus pinned Morgan. If they follow the tried-and-true, however, the second time is never the charm. Ali's pick: Crimson & Matt Morgan

2. AJ Syles v. Kazarian: After weeks and weeks of build-up, we finally get to see these two duke it out for... Um, well, I suppose Kazarian's loyalty. We've got the wild card of Christopher Daniels to consider here, and considering he basically tried to murder AJ in cold blood not too long ago, he's a BIG consideration. AJ's gonna have to figure out a way to take him out of the picture if he wants to get to the bottom of this mystery. A 2-on-1 scenario just doesn't look good for him here. Ali's Pick: Kazarian

3. Austin Aries v. Alex Shelley (X-Division Championship): Austin has been a ROCK STAR in this division for months. I appreciate the return of a real rival, but this story needs more development before a title change. Yes, I realize I'm picking this based on logic, but I'm beginning to have faith. Ali's Pick: Austin Aries

4. Gail Kim v. Tara (Knockouts Championship): Hm. Another tough one to call. Tara certainly deserves it, but Madison Rayne will certainly be hiding under the ring, waiting to deliver her devastating finisher of Belt To The Face. The only question will be if Velvet Skye or Brook Tessmacher will be ready for this inevitability and ready to intervene on Tara's behalf. Looks like all the Knockouts are looking out for #1 at this point, though. Ali's Pick: Gail Kim

5. Jesse Sorenson v. Zema Ion (#1 Contender for X-Division): I like the idea of having a #1 contender match at the pay-per-view. Considering, however, that Jesse Sorenson is kind of a nobody who hasn't been on TV in a while, I expect this one is just a formality. Ali's Pick: Zema Ion

6. Gunner v. Garrett Bischoff: How much can I say that I'm not looking forward to this? Gunner has been working efortlessly to KILL his way to the top, while Garrett has been spending all his time in the gym, rather than in the ring, and letting Hogan do his cleaning up for him. Being what it is, this one is not going to be rooted in logic. Ali's Pick: Garrett Bischoff

7. Bully Ray v. Bobby Roode v. James Storm v. Jeff Hardy (TNA Heavyweight Championship): The company has been doing a great job of building this one the last couple of weeks, throwing in the conflict between Bully Ray and Bobby Roode as an equalizer to the match. Bully Ray is, whether or not they realize it, the greatest asset the company has at the moment. The fact that Jeff Hardy is in this match was a foregone conclusion from the beginning, but I never expected them to throw Bully Ray into the mix. He could be the wild card that takes home the night. At least, my wishful thinking is leading me to believe that. At any rate, the story lately has been more about the dissension between the heels than it has been about either of the faces. Ali's Pick: Bully Ray

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