Sunday, October 16, 2011

Smackdown update

I thought 3 posts in one day might be a little much, so I held off my Smackdown recap for tonight while I'm gearing up for Bound For Glory.

Probably the only thing of interest that happened last week that didn't have to do with the Raw walkout was the return of Big Show and his decimation of Mark Henry. He demanded a shot at the title, and when Henry said no, Show put him through the announce table. He would have inducted Henry into his own Hall of Pain, but Teddy Long quickly ran out and told him he could have his shot if he spared the World's Strongest Man's ankle. So Show took the chair and beat Henry with it instead.

This week, let's see... let's start with the suck.

-Randy Orton surprised no one by first winning a 41-man battle royal to challenge the champion of his choice, and then choosing Mark Henry. Which means we had to endure those two in the ring again as the main event.

Actually, I can't find anything else from the recap that I hated that much. Unfortunately, the good is just as thin:

-Teddy Long apparently is seeking help for his tag-team addiction, as he opted instead to call for a battle royal. Either that, or it was Laurinaitis' idea. I'd prefer to believe the former, personally.

-Kelly Kelly managed to semi-successfully land the Glam Slam. Not sure if learning, or fluke.

The rest of the show was pretty standard. I don't want to say lackluster. The remainder of the matches and backstage spots furthered the storylines of their respective superstars. Heel Cara stole Face Cara's mask and proceeded to wrestle in it. Christian screwed Sheamus not once, but twice. Zack Ryder was on TV again, helping Kofi Kingston to defeat ZigSwag. And after laying out Henry again, Show threw Cody Rhodes to Orton. Like I said, pretty standard stuff. Nothing too terribly shocking or out of the ordinary this week.

Unfortunately, that leaves me with very little to talk about. I hope Laurinaitis doesn't make a habit of showing up on Smackdown, but other than that... yeah. See you folks tomorrow for Bound For Glory results!

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