Sunday, October 2, 2011

Impact 9-29-11

The Matches:

1. Kid Kash v. Jesse Sorensen v. Brian Kendrick v. Alex Shelley v. Zima Ion - 3 out of 5. My boyfriend continues his tradition of adding to my notes and wrote "Clusterfuck!" next to this one. I like midcard high-flyers, but I was a little lost.
2. Jesse Neal v. Hernandez - N/A. Mexican America didn't allow this match to start when they attacked Ink Inc. before the bell rang.
3. Madison Rayne v. Tara - 3 out of 5. Interesting tactic by Rayne, and it almost backfired on her. Good thing for her Heb's a shady ref.
4. Pope v. Ken Anderson - 3 out of 5. Intervention by Devon's kids caused enough confusion to allow Bully Ray to slip into the ring unnoticed and hit Anderson with a kendo stick.
5. AJ Styles v. Bobby Roode - 4 out of 5. The boy wanted to give this one a 5, but I think my system is a little to strict to allow this. Sorry, hon.

So Hogan had a big announcement scheduled for the end of the night. Try as he might, Flair couldn't change his mind, and it turned out that the announcement was that he was retiring from the business forever. Hey, did that crowd just cheer Hulk? Suckers. How obvious is this that it's just a device to try to get himself out of wrestling Sting at Bound for Glory? Well, at least the Stinger and I can see it. Will it work? Probably not.

As I like to post developments to the promotion's next pay-per-view in each of my entries, it helps when I know just what those developments are. In the case of Bound For Glory, I can only remember three of these matches being clearly established on the weekly program: Hulk/Sting, Angle/Roode, and the 4-way Knockouts match. There are three others listed on the website, however, which make sense, but haven't been spelled out on TV yet. Those are Van Dam/Lynn, Anderson/Bully Ray, and Mexican America/Ink Inc. One more was added this week when Brian Kendrick won the right to face Austin Aries for the X-Division championship in that 5-man ladder match. So that's 7 matches already, and hopefully the ones that haven't been marketed yet will be flushed out in the upcoming weeks. I get so confused sometimes.

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