Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hell in a Cell: Ali's Predictions!

So let's take a look at those matches one by one, shall we?

WrestlingInc. has listed one match that isn't on the WWE website, and that is Air Boom v. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger for the tag team titles. This feels a little forced right now, with Awesome Truth being currently fired, and the Usos (who had been looking like they might be the next big rivalry for the tag champs) being out of the picture for the time being due to Jimmy's DUI. I don't think the current title holders have much to worry about here; Dolph is already US Champion, and I'm not really feeling a dual champ right now. I'm also suspicious of how quickly he turned around on the issue of Jack Swagger. I don't think their story is over, so putting the belts on them doesn't make sense right now. I'm giving this one to Air Boom to retain.

Now, on to the listed matches:

1. Sin Cara v. Sin Cara: As I mentioned in my Smackdown post, I really have a problem with the idea of these two in a cage. Any cage, and especially Hell in a Cell, should be reserved for a climactic point within a story. We haven't even come anywhere close to that point with the two Caras, as this will be the first time they'll actually wrestle each other. My hope here is that they will be the curtain-jerkers, and the Cell will be suspended for the duration. At any rate, Heel Cara has been built as the more ruthless and aggressive of the two, and the man clearly has a score to settle going back to their time in Mexico. Ali's Pick: Heel Cara

2. Sheamus v. Christian: These two have been doing a great job of building this match given the short period of time they've had. They're both mean in the ring, albeit in different ways, and it should be a good one to watch. With Sheamus' brute force and Christian's cunning agility pitted against each other, it's by far the hardest match in the show to call. I think they both kick out of finishers during the course, but ultimately one will have to stay down. Ali's Pick: Sheamus

3. Kelly Kelly v. Beth Phoenix: Oh, the frustrations I have gone through the last two or so months with these girls. Kelly is terrible in the ring, and she's botched the Glam Slam twice this week. She may be quick, but I think by now the Divas of Doom have her scouted, and besides, she can't be lucky all the time. Third time's the charm! Ali's Pick: Beth Pheonix

4. Mark Henry v. Randy Orton: Two weeks ago, this was the match I was least looking forward to. However, once Night of Champions was upon us, and I was actually watching the match, I was finally sold on the rivalry. This time around, I'm actually interested to see what these two can bring and how they can top their last performance. I don't think a cell is going to change the outcome. It certainly will make it more painful, which therefore gives the advantage to the current champion and his Hall of Pain. Ali's Pick: Mark Henry

5. John Cena v. CM Punk v. Alberto Del Rio: This was another tough one to call. Alberto Del Rio is the wild card in the match. He's the least experienced of the three, and the one who has never wrestled in a cell before. However, I think his ruthless persona will shine through in this kind of a match, and we can expect some crazy spots. John Cena has developed a knack this year for not being able to hold on to the championship whenever he wins it, and reportedly, he's supposed to be wrestling in the 10-man elimination tag at Survivor Series at the end of November. Punk, meanwhile, has solidified his state of being a marketable draw without holding the title, perhaps even BECAUSE he isn't holding the title. I made the comment at Night of Champions, his match with Triple H was the only non-title match, and it was the main event. ADR is just a mean heel archetype that will stop at nothing to be on the top. Interesting aside: He's the only one in this match who is solidly on one extreme of the sliding scale of good vs. evil. Cena would like to be, but the fans disagree. Ali's Pick: Alberto Del Rio

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