Saturday, September 17, 2011

TNA Impact 9-15-11


1. Mexican America (all of them) v. Devon, Pope, Tara, and Tessmacher - 4 out of 5. This was a great idea, and I can't believe that no one in this household thought of it. Clearly The Clergy needed an equalizer for Rosita & Sarita. Nobody better to take on the challenge than the knockouts tag champs!
2. Angelina Love v. Velvet Skye - 3 out of 5. This was a Queens qualifying match to face Winter at Bound For Glory. No surprise that Velvet won (to leave Angelina open to interfere with all the opposition), but a solid match. With history.
3. Samoa Joe v. Matt Morgan - 3 out of 5. Why does this get a 3? It was submission rules, and Matt Morgan tapped out. That's right, Samoa Joe actually won a match. Everyone start drinking.
4. Kazarian v. Bobby Roode - 4 out of 5. Angle set this up, in an attempt to divide & conquer the brother love of Fortune. Entertaining from front to back, with lots of respect between the competitors.
5. Ric Flair v. Sting - 3 out of 5. Early in the match, I was prepared to give it a 2. And then Ric Flair showed he was still willing to take nasty bumps with Sting superplexed him. The man is insane, but also a legend. But also insane. Plus, it's Flair and Sting.

The biggest development for the Bound For Glory PPV next month was Karen Jarret announcing that 6 of the knockouts would be competing in 3 qualifying matches. Looks like the Knockouts title match will be a 4-way. First qualifier was, no surprise, Velvet Skye. We can probably expect Mickie James to qualify for the match also, despite Karen's insistence that her "game" with Winter is over. Not much else can be said about it at this point.

Another story that I guarantee will be developing in coming weeks is, of course, Jeff Hardy's atonement. He attempted to talk to a couple of guys in the back, and got told off twice in two very different manners. A.J. Styles basically told Jeff to go screw himself. Devon, on the other hand, who certainly knows Jeff a little better with all the history they have together in the business, made sure Jeff knew he screwed up so badly that any step out of line would be the end of the road for him. Once he was done lecturing, however, he also told Jeff he had his back should he need him. It's sometimes hard to watch as a fan when any performer, but especially a favorite, falls so far from favor. After Jeff hit rock bottom in the middle of a pay-per-view, I have to admit I was disgusted. But I was more disgusted with Hogan and Sting absolutely burying him the next week on Impact. It didn't sound like anyone in the roster had any words of kindness or concern for him, just "he made his bed, now he has to lie in it." Hearing Devon actually come across to Jeff as an old friend was extremely refreshing.

Eventually, I hope we'll get to see if Jeff still has what it takes in the ring--just, not as a heavyweight championship contender.

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