Saturday, September 17, 2011

Smackdown 9-16-11


1. Daniel Bryan v. Sin Cara - 4 out of 5. Bryan was absolutely ruthless, but Sin Cara returned the favor in spades. Booker T exhibited his knowledge of both the skeletal system and children's tunes.
2. Beth Phoenix v. A.J. - 2 out of 5. Served the purpose it was supposed to, but I don't generally find that much interest in squash matches. That, and I may have blinked.
3. Sheamus & Justin Gabriel v. Christian & Wade Barret - 3 out of 5. Strong, steady, and an interesting mashup of talent. I like that Gabriel is getting match time.
4. The Great Khali v. Heath Slater - 2 out of 5. I wouldn't go so far to call this a squash match. Heath held his own, at least long enough for Jinder Majal to interrupt.
5. R-Truth v. Evan Bourne - 4 out of 5. As though I needed more reason to be excited about the tag championship match on Sunday. Another victory for the challengers!

Huh. Impact got higher scores from me this week. Interesting.

There was only one championship left undefended going into the show last night, and that was Cody Rhodes' Intercontinental Championship. It was pretty much a given that he'd be facing Ted DiBiase, which may be why they left the story to be punctuated on the final show before Night of Champions. That punctuation, though, ended up being a whole string of exclamation points when DiBiase unleashed the fury that's been building for months onto Rhodes at the top of the show. Face turn: expected. Retaliation against former friend/mentor: expected. Brutality: not expected. Ted DiBiase exceeded expectations with his attack, and I hope he continues to do so with the match on Sunday.

FINALLY... no, it's not the Rock. (Although he is now confirmed for Survivor Series, and I am glad that wishy-washyness is over) It's the Sin Cara v. Sin Cara angle. I've been seeing some very mixed reactions around in regards to its reception. The Two Caras began their feud by circling each other in the ring and each generally indicated that he was the Real Sin Cara. Some people liked it for its simplicity. Others thought the announcers didn't do it justice. One thing most everyone seems to agree on is that Heel Cara should now get a new color scheme. This is a matter I would love to gather all manner of opinions on. My two favorite ideas so far are red/silver (to contrast the blue/gold Face Cara--is that redundant?) and inverted (Nega Cara). Any other ideas anyone would like to throw out there?

I would love to write something more about the Orton/Henry feud, but I'm not sure there's anything more to say there. They were both guest stars on The Cutting Edge last night, and after the segment was over, they once again tried to kill each other. It's certainly looking to be one brutal match.

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