Friday, September 2, 2011

SuperSmackdown 8-30-11

So in what almost has to be a test to see if SmackDown can handle competing with another live show where guys beat the crap out of each other, we had a special treat on Tuesday with SuperSmackDown! (On a side note, one wonders if it matters, since the brand extension appears to be over) We were of course treated to performers from both shows, and hey! It was pretty entertaining!

John Cena was the first face we saw, getting his bit over with early. He tried to call out Alberto Del Rio again, but luckily this time he was met with the next best thing--Ricardo Rodriguez. Ricardo calmly explained that Alberto is straightening some things out... no, wait, that wasn't it. The story he gave was that being in the ring with Del Rio was an honor, and for the privilege of actually challenging him for the title? He'd have to wait for Night of Champions. Cena responded really the only way he knows how--by punching the little guy. No leaving the ring for this guy, though. Not only did he have first promo, he also had first match against Wade Barrett. He won, of course, and made quick work of it, too. So quick that I was worried that the end of the brand extension might have a negative impact on the quality of the matches.

Matt Striker interviewed Mark Henry. He asked him if he had a preference as to which man he'd rather meet at Night of Champions, Orton or Christian. Henry told him that was the stupidest question ever, which it kind of was. Henry is destroying EVERYONE. I don't think it matters who's next on the list. He'll make his way to the other eventually.

NOFACE 2.0 had a match with Daniel Bryan. The match itself was pretty great, but of course the big story here is the finish. After defeating Bryan, it looked like Sin Cara was going to show some sportsmanship by shaking his opponent's hand. When Bryan took it however, he turned on Mr. Money-in-the-Bank and kicked him in the head! Heel turn! Rumors are abuzz for a Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara angle.

The Divas of Doom FINALLY got a win over their arch nemesis and her partner-du-jour, Alicia Fox. It was nice to see, but, my attention span at this point is a little... ooo kitty!

What was I saying? Oh! At that point it was time for the contract signing. Punk and Triple H had heated words for each other. Punk stated that he's still a fan and wants better from the company, Trips claimed that at least half the fans actually enjoy the product as it is. The COO went on to explain to Punk how he's bent over backwards to make him happy in the company. Unfortunately, the example he used was that he secured the licensing for Punk's entrance music. One wonders why Punk didn't snark back, "Oh, how hard could that have been? Here, let me pay you a ludicrous amount of money to use your song every week."

So the contract got signed, and then Nash rushed in. Trips tried to keep Punk at bay, but it didn't last long. Punk got at Nash, Nash laid out Punk, and then when Triple H turned to go, "What the hell, dude?" he pushed over the boss, too!

Nash, sit down, organize your pillbox, and let the guys who still have knees do the work. You're only making the rest of us cry.

Sheamus had a match with the Great Khali. Jinder Majal interfered and gave Sheamus the DQ win, but the fight didn't end there. That's okay, Sheamus still came out on top in the end.

The main event on Tuesday was, of course, Orton and Christian in a steel cage for the title. It was a pretty good match, actually. What these two lack in promos for their feud, they have certainly made up for in the ring. Once again, knowing full well that they weren't what people would be talking about the next day, they went out there and performed like they WERE. No surprise here, Orton retained his championship, but the victory was short-lived, and Mark Henry showed up to deliver his message of DON'T TEST ME SON. He pretty much destroyed Orton, and to add insult to injury, the show ended with Henry standing over the champ, holding up his title belt.

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