Sunday, September 11, 2011

Smackdown 9- 9-11

The Matches:

1. Mark Henry v. Ezekiel Jackson - 2 out of 5. It probably should be a 3, but my attention span is short for both of these guys.
2. Sin Cara v. Tyson Kidd - 3 out of 5. Should have been a 4. 'Nuff said.
3. Kelly Kelly v. Natalya - 2 out of 5. Really, WWE? Wtf.
4. Sheamus v. Wade Barrett - 4 out of 5. I almost ought to give it a 5 just for Barrett's awesome coat. But this was an amazing match.
5. Air Boom v. Jinder Majal & The Great Khali - 3 out of 5. This was even better than the first, but Khali is always stiff, which brings down the rating.
6. Randy Orton v. Cody Rhodes - 4 out of 5. Just a few weeks ago, Mehe was saying that a champion v. champion match in WWE would mean nothing. We've had 2 now featuring Orton, and both have been awesome.

Mark Henry has been a monster heel since the draft, and week after week he continues to dominate the rest of the roster. It's really looking like he'll be headed for a title reign at Night of Champions. Lately he's added a cute nickname to his trail of distruction: The Hall of Pain. Barring injury or other unforeseen circumstances, I'm looking for this run to last him all the way to WrestleMania, and possibly longer. Does that mean I'm excited about it? Hell no. I've never been a big fan of Mark Henry. Yeah, he's big, he looks intimidating, and he could flatten you like a pancake, but that's the problem. I feel like that's been his entire gimmick the whole time. The only thing he's got to cling to is the "World's Strongest Man" claim, a moniker he won legitimately 9 years ago. The only other person in professional wrestling to cling to an accolade longer is, of course, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. But that's another company, and another story.

Say, WWE, let's talk Divas, shall we? (Some of you are clicking on other websites already, I can hear it.) I was excited and hopeful when Beth and Nattie turned heel and teamed up to combat the rest of the roster. Most of which, let's face it, should be valeting rather than wrestling. The current Champion, Kelly Kelly, is the most notorious example and therefore the best target for their aggression, so in that respect the storyline has it right. The problem is in the execution. The Divas of Doom lit a fire under the Divas division... for about two weeks. They were quick to get lazy again, and the fact that Nattie and Beth are being forced to job to their Barbie-doll arch-nemesis week after week does not help the case. As a matter of fact, between pay-per-views, these girls probably shouldn't be facing each other at all. Antagonize each other during matches, sure, but those matches should be against other opponents. Let the rest of the division in on a little piece of action once in a while. It's absolutely pointless to create a dominating force in wrestling if they can't even win any on-air matches. Any more of this, and I'm going to have some VERY unkind words to write here. The whole thing already has me swearing at my TV.

With Night of Champions just a week away, there weren't any new developments to the card this week. I'm beginning to wonder what's in store for the mid-card titles this year. Here's hoping Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes get to pummel each other in what could be a glorious resurrection of their respective titles.

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