Thursday, August 18, 2011

Monday Night Raw 8-15-11

Please forgive my delay on this post. Mehe brought home the crud from her job, and I caught it, or I would have had this up two days ago. Anyway, Monday night was, as expected, a night with a lot of talking, so let's talk about that.

The show started, just as Mehe predicted, with HHH. (damn you, Mehe, and your keen wrestling instincts. this is why you are the historian and I am just the faithful recruit) First of all, he apologized to Cena, as he found when he reviewed the tape that Cena was telling the truth, and his foot was on the ropes. He then went on to explain that Nash had asked him for skybox tickets, and that he had no idea what he was planning. Then he introduced the new WWE champion, Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio, as expected, gloated. He said he couldn't resist the chance to cash in after Nash had run in (because that was such a coincidence). Then he told the San Diego crowd that he was going to crush their hero in their match later that night.

John Morrison and R-Truth had a falls-count-anywhere match, and R-Truth finally had music! Kudos to whoever did this awesome guitar instrumental version of "What's Up" because it is amazing and I am looking forward to hearing it for weeks to come. After the awesome revelation of the new music, the match commenced to take the competitors all over the audience and to the announce table before Morrison put Truth away.

Jared from Subway is in the front row! Miz took his #OvenCrispChickenSandwich (what is wrong with you Mizfits, not getting that trending on Twitter?? How could you let #replacebandnameswithpancakes continue to dominate??) and showed Jared how to sell a sub!

More Diva action. Woo. Kelly and Eve beat the Bellas. The only good part really was after the match (Oh, Kelly and Eve won, like that's a surprise. Or like you care), Nattie and Beth came out looking absolutely amazing, sarcastically slow-clapping the champ and her best bud.

Kevin Nash finally came out to tell his story. According to him, he got a text from HHH's phone telling him to take out whoever won the match. According to him, his actions were "just business." Well, you can imagine that Punk had something to say about that. The former champion wasn't mad at Del Rio for doing his job as the winner of Money in the Bank; he was pissed at Big Daddy Cool for his seemingly unprovoked attack. The two exchanged words, and Punk at least was ready to exchange punches, but a line of security blocked his path to the ring.

Jack Swagger took on Alex Riley while Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero sat at commentary. Dolph and Vickie were like an old married couple, and for some reason, halfway through the match, Vickie decided to steal JR's hat and head up to the apron. She distracted the ref and allowed Swagger to pick up the victory. Afterwards, Dolph stomped on JR's hat, and he and his manager left the arena. Later on, backstage, Swagger suggested that Vickie take on multiple clients, like all great managers before her.

YES. YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES. A friend of mine a while back mentioned a planned return to more managers. I am hoping that this is the beginning of that. Pair it with Jimmy Hart's appearance at SummerSlam, and there's an awesome possibility there. It's not like they have any shortage of managers working backstage (or hell, in front of it, there are plenty of Divas that can't work and need something to be paid for).

Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne beat Otunga & McGillicutty.

Finally, the billed main event: Del Rio vs. Mysterio. I was a bit worried, the show being in San Diego, but I forgot hometowns mean nothing these days, and in the end Del Rio successfully defended his title. He would have continued his beating on Rey, but John Cena rescued the pint-sized... you know what? I have no more cute nicknames for him. Moving on. While Punk isn't pissed at Del Rio, Cena is. He informed Alberto that he is now a target, and everyone in the back is now his enemy. Cena's speech was so powerful, the arena mouse ran away.

Now, about that four-way dance...

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