Sunday, August 14, 2011

Definitely NOT The Greatest Party of the Summer


With every one of my results being wrong, I am severely miffed right now. (Technically I got Punk-Cena right, but a fat lot of good that did.)

That pay per view had a lot to live up to in terms of it's predessor, and it failed miserably.

The matches weren't that great.  Kelly Kelly beat Beth Phoenix? AM I IN BIZARRO LAND HERE?!  Barrett vs Bryan was all right; and it was nice to see Miz, Kofi, and R Truth get appearances in.

Match of the night?  Orton v Christian.  Seriously.  Those two brought it.  They brought it and then they brought it some more.  I'm not pleased to see the title back on Orton for the umpteenth time, but hey, it made the crowd happy.

You know what didn't make the crowd happy? Del Rio. I'm not saying the angle's dead now, but man, I felt some steam go out of it with that finish.

And speaking of that finish...Kevin Nash had better have a damned good reason for showing up and destroying C.M. Punk.  And he'd best have it tomorrow night.  I want answers, and I want them now!

I'm extremely disappointed my main man Sheamus got the loss in the match against Mark Henry, but I get a feeling that story isn't over yet either.

Anyway, I give SummerSlam 11 one ice cream bar out of five, because of Nash.
Otherwise, it'd be no ice cream at all.  As we know, we want our ice cream.

This is Mehe, signing off for now.

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