Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Miss me?

Hello, Universe!! Yes, it has been a long, LONG time since I've checked in here. How have you been? A lot can happen in a year and a half. Punk left, Daniel Bryan cast some sort of Voodoo charm on the whole planet, and Cody Rhodes DIED (in kayfabe. In his head.). TNA screwed up their Gigantic Annual Tournament so badly, I stopped watching. THE WWE NETWORK LAUNCHED, GUYS! Total Divas is actually a runaway cult hit, somehow. NXT airs live specials every few months and they're awesome. The WWE & World Heavyweight Championships were unified. The Elimination Chamber was... eliminated. So on and so forth. You get the picture.

You may have noticed that I have already made some changes to the page. For instance, the name. And the description. I've decided to do something different with my little corner of the internet. Instead of wrestling reviews (although I do still plan to at least break down the Big 4), the new plan going forward will be more topical content, and just plain having fun being a wrestling fan. I might choose to talk about a specific match type, and highlight a few that were especially memorable or important. I might decide to choose a wrestler and talk about various highlights in their career. I might choose a Pay-Per-View event and talk about its history. Basically, the things that make Professional Wrestling awesome.

In the header you also see the phrase "Insane Fantasy Booking", which is exactly what it sounds like. Some weeks, I might not have a topic. Or I might have simply had a fantasy booking idea that was so over the top and ridiculous, I feel like I must share it with someone. Fair warning, it's called *Insane* fantasy booking for a reason. When I get a narrative going in my head, it can sometimes go to very strange places. It's just a fun little exercise in creative thinking that I like to do.

And now, finally, what the hell is up with the new name, right? Well, a dramatic new format certainly warrants a new name, I think. And my ultimate goal is to be able to transform or supplement the written content with video content. So I wanted to think of something catchy. Hot Tag appealed to me because it has that idea of coming in fresh, with tons of energy behind it. It's the way I want people to be able to see me, and the visual media I choose to consume.

Business aside, I hope you'll come with me, and help me turn this into something awesome. Topical suggestions are totally welcome, and you can leave a comment here, or, if you prefer, I have a Twitter. You can tweet me your ideas @AjaKitty. See you soon!

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