Sunday, November 18, 2012

Reviews update

I don't want to be another Negative Nancy on the internet.  I really love wrestling, and I want to share that love with the world. I want to be able to say WHY I love wrestling. There are times when it is difficult, and I've been going through one of those times.  I can't bring myself to write reviews at the moment, because I don't want to be just another profanity-laced complaint against the many profanity-laced complaints out there. People like to talk about what they didn't like. I like to talk about what I DID like. I like to be able to come here and say, "This worked really well", "That was funny", or "Oh God I hope this part never ends!" Unfortunately, I haven't been feeling that way towards WWE programs lately. I think that maybe there's too much of it. There's six hours in a WWE week now, with the addition of Wednesday night's Main Event. They're the Starbucks of professional wrestling now. And what I mean by that is that I think they may be overextending themselves.

I think I've mentioned this before, but I feel like TNA has the more solid product right now. Tuning in to Raw and Smackdown every week is starting to feel like a chore. I don't look forward to it right now. There are a serious shortage of things happening there that I care about. Survivor Series is tonight, and I'm going to watch, but I'm not excited about any of the matches. Like, at all.  TNA, on the other hand... I care about almost everything happening right now. I look forward to Impact every Thursday night. I get excited, and it's no longer an "I might get to see Zema Ion" thing. Now, it's "What happened last week? OH YEAH DUDE I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HOW THAT DEVELOPS."

I will admit, I was a little bothered by the Hardy title win at Bound For Glory. But he and Aries put on a good match. And last week again at Turning Point, Hardy and Aries put on a hell of a match. And now, Bobby Roode has the next shot at the title, and I think that match has such great potential, and I can't wait to see it. I can't wait to hear what comes out of Bobby Roode's face in the following weeks as he begins to spew hate at Hardy. I'm even curious to see if they keep doing this, "Hey, did you forget Jeff's a drug addict? Here's an inner monologue in the style of someone tripping in the movies." Because let's face it, that shit was hilarious. Here's a nice, normal wrestling show, and suddenly we've been transported to the world of the surreal. Yes, part of me writing this post was just so that I could convey how utterly ridiculous that was, and how the more I replay it in my head, the more I'm in love with it in an odd sort of way.

Aces & Eights has been pretty hit or miss with me since it started. I loved it, then I hated it, then I loved it again, then I was indifferent to it... I've landed at the moment on curious, and not a bad curious. Aces & Eights has caused a lot of great development at least, and we need to acknowledge that. Bully Ray has done something that I didn't even know was a thing: a slow-burn face turn. Where the fuck did that come from? It was glorious, and it actually managed to flow very naturally for his character. Joseph Parks set out to prove himself a MAN (*punch*) and he did that, and now he's fixed himself on going to "wrestling camp". You know what else I have to say about Joseph Parks? I love this world that he & Abyss come from. Parts Unknown is such a black-and-white land. I'm envisioning a bright suburb with happy people who smile and wave to each other as they walk down the street. Sometimes in the evening there's a barbeque, and families eat dinner together and then play board games until it's time for the kids to go to bed at 9:00 PM sharp. At the edge of the town, there's a vast field, full of brightly-colored flowers, sparsely inhabited by bunnies and deer... but then at the other end of the field, there's a sharply contrasted border, and on the other side of the border, all the plant life is dead. The wind blows cold over the bones that litter the desert-like plain. The buildings are all wooden shacks that look like they might fall over at any minute. In the distance, there's a volcano that just oozes lava on a nearly-constant basis.

So basically, it's like Wizards. If you haven't seen it, go find it. And then tell me that Joseph Parks isn't the Avatar to Abyss' Blackwolf.

I got very off-topic there, but I'm not going to go back now, because I'm far too proud of that description of Parts Unknown. As a writer, description is everything, you know. Anyway, the point is basicaly this: I think I'll probably have to stop reviewing WWE for right now, just to keep from being angry and repetitive all the time.  TNA makes me happy, so TNA is what you'll hear about from me. And if I feel like it, I may go ahead and continue to break down all pay-per-views anyway, but I'm not promising anything on that front.

One final note: Michelle watched the Wrestling is Fun Bananaversary last night. I wasn't watching with her, but I was hearing some of the commentary, and it definitely sounded fun to watch. Might be something I want to check out if it's possible. Because wrestling SHOULD be fun.

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