Friday, March 16, 2012

Impact 3-15-12

We're baaa-aaack! The delay was longer than anticipated, as we all had to get settled into the new place, and I had to get settled into my new store. We are all happier than ever here, and now that we have less to worry about, it's time for wrestling!!


1. Madison Rayne v. Velvet Skye - 3 out of 5
2. Crimson v. Samoa Joe - 2 out of 5
3. Mickie James v. Gail Kim - 3 out of 5
4. Christopher Daniels v. Mr. Anderson - ? out of 5
5. Kurt Angle v. Garrett Bischoff - ? out of 5
6. Gunner v. James Storm - ? out of 5

I will admit, I got distracted in other internet things during the second half of the show this week. I just wasn't interested in... well, any of the things that happened in hour two. The first hour had already given us Bully Ray, two Knockouts matches, and a quick EY/ODB backstage segment, so what else is there to look forward to? The contract signing?

I did stop interneting in time for the ending of the show. I don't know that I have a whole lot to say now that I'm actually getting to writing about it. While it was happening, I was screaming at my television for those guys to go crazy already! Throw the table over! Hit him! Don't you know how these things work? Now that I'm able to actually enjoy my life again, I'm finding I'm a lot more vocal during my viewings once again. Besides, there are two things in professional wrestling that always end in disaster. One is contract signings. The other is weddings, and don't you worry, we're going to get one of those soon enough, too. ODB and Eric Young decided that the most appropriate place to get married would be the very place they first got together, right here on Impact Wrestling. Because that's a super good idea.

This show, of course, leads us into Victory Road, so there are those stories to play up. Madison Rayne and Gail Kim each had singles matches (because Sting was sick of hearing them point the finger at each other). Anderson took on Daniels to preview the tag match they will both be participating in. Crimson and Samoa Joe did the same. Aries cut a great promo where he celebrated officially having the longest X-Division Championship reign ever. Angle and Hardy both had backstage segments. Storm tried to get at Bully Ray, but failed. Even Robbie E. had a backstage interview. So they managed to cover all their matches in a two-hour show and still have time to shove Baby Bisch into the mix.

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