Thursday, February 2, 2012

Smackdown 1-27-12

Before I get too much farther into my catching up, I always feel like I need to defend myself. This week has been extremely hectic with it being the end of the month (which means extra paperwork for me at work), and just as fair warning, there may be interruptions next week as well, as we will be relocating our home base somewhere closer to the water. I have been doing my best to at least keep up with my Twitter (@ajakitty) if nothing else, so I will try to keep that updated as the real-life story of Girls Watch Wrestling continues...

And now, Smackdown results!

1. Cody Rhodes v. Justin Gabriel - 3 out of 5
2. Sheamus v. Drew McIntyre - 2 out of 5
3. Primo & Epico v. Santino Marella & Yoshi Tatsu - 3 out of 5
4. Randy Orton v. Wade Barrett - N/A
5. Hunico v. Ted DiBiase - 2 out of 5
6. Brodus Clay v. Alex Riley - 2 out of 5
7. Aksana v. Natalya - 0 out of 5.
8. Big Show v. Mark Henry - 2 out of 5.

As you can see, we really could have stopped watching after the first half of the show. A lot of this weeks show I could have done without. Come on, WWE, I just adjusted my rating scale to include zero. That's how bad the whole Aksana/Natalya thing was. I mean, SERIOUSLY?? And prominently right in front of a B.A. STAR poster. This whole debacle just solidifies the fact that WWE no longer cares about their Divas division. The champion hasn't been on TV for weeks, and her partner is reduced to fart jokes. Eve, AJ, Rosa, and Aksana are little more than arm candy, and the rest of them may as well not even exist. I'm shocked that Vince hasn't just put them dancing in cages by now.

Being the last Smackdown before the Rumble meant a lot of things went nowhere. As in, nothing went anywhere. Nothing was advanced, and everyone I was talking to that night while watching were raging about what a lackluster show it was. They believe (and I agree with them) that the last show before a pay-per-view should be more exciting, get us hyped up, and make us want to buy. This Smackdown just made most of us want to change the channel.

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