Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moving To Planet Funk

I'll admit it, I funking love The Funkasaurus.

He's added so much excitement to the WWE Universe, it's crazy.  Crazy awesome.

I've been bopping and humming and dancing for a week straight now.


Because he looks like he's having so much fun, but he still looks like he could destroy anyone they put him against.

Fun is totally what we've been missing lately.  Not everyone has to be MR. SUPER SERIOUS all the time.  Especially the big guys.  Look at Sheamus.  He genuinely looks like he's having fun.  His smile is real.

I've seen online where people were disappointed that he didn't follow up on the "Fall of Man" promos that had been aired.  Let's be honest here, people; would you have wanted to see another monster heel running roughshod over everyone only to be stopped by a Wade Barrett or a JERRRRRRRRN CENA?  I don't think so.

That being said, if George Clinton doesn't play him to the ring during his eventual Mania match, I'm gonna be disappointed.

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