Saturday, October 15, 2011

TNA update

Sometimes real life writes the plot here at Girls Watch Wrestling. My job has got a case of the extreme craziness and I just haven't had the time/energy to write up the reviews the last couple of weeks. With my deepest apologies, I will try to catch up the storylines. For brevity's sake, the next few posts will not have match listings or ratings. Instead, I'm just going to try to recap and share my thoughts on the recent storylines. First up, TNA Impact!

Bound For Glory is finally upon us! The main event, thank goodness, is Bobby Roode v. Kurt Angle for the Heavyweight title. I say thank goodness, because the other big match is Hogan v. Sting. Last week, Sting outed Hogan's "retirement" for the fraud it was (seriously, did people really buy that story?). In a fit of... I suppose it was supposed to be fury, Hogan's acting left something to be desired... Hogan exclaimed before he could stop himself that if Sting could beat him, Dixie Carter could have the company back. Clasp hand to mouth OMG what did I just say?????? Yeah, it made about that much sense. Sting left happy, at least. Which is more I think than I can say for anyone who might actually be looking forward to that match. Here's the first tip: Don't expect a Sting v. Hogan wrestling match. Expect a Sting v. Immortal wrestling match with Hogan as the coach, because Hogan has no business in the ring outside of being a voice. Even he knows it, and has gone on record as saying he won't be taking any bumps. I predict a few punches from Hulk to start with, but the first sign of an actual wrestling match, you can damn sure expect all his buddies to show up with chairs and the like. You can probably also expect other enemies of Immortal to come even the odds to allow Sting the victory.

As for the knockouts, well... Karen Jarret is a Bitch: The Movie. Actually, the four-way should be pretty good, as everyone has a pretty strong motive. Winter will be fighting to keep her championship, and Angelina Love will be fighting to help. Mickie James will be fighting to get HER championship back. Again. Velvet Skye will be fighting to prove herself as a dominant Knockout. Madison Rayne will be fighting to make herself look good to the Queen Bitch.

Ink Inc. will take on Mexican America. Okay. Samoa Joe has challenged Matt Morgan and Crimson the Gimp to a 3-way, should be interesting. Mr. Anderson takes another shot at Bully Ray. Christopher Daniels will be trying to make A.J. Styles say I Quit WITHOUT the guyliner. Brian Kendrick has a rematch against Austin Aries for the X-Division Championship. Rob Van Dam will go against Jerry Lynn. Woo. Oh, yeah, and Jeff Hardy will be around, for people to yell at him about how he messed up, I guess.

Speaking of Jeff Hardy, he's got a new DVD. This one appears to be about how he totally screwed up and how he's trying to get himself back together. Mehe's first reaction when she saw that commercial? "HOW'S YOUR BROTHER JEFF??" Then again, that's her standard reaction to seeing Jeff on screen these days.

I gotta be honest, if anything mind-boggling happened at the end of this week's show, we didn't see it. None of us were able to hold our attention to the show and by the three-quarters mark it wasn't even on the screen anymore.

Now, finally, possibly the most exciting news to come out of the TNA camp these last couple of weeks has been the behind-the-scenes changes. First, Vince Russo was taken from the position of Head Writer. That was exciting enough. Then yesterday, news broke that Dave Lagana will be taking over the position of Director of Creative Writing. Does this mean good news for our floundering underdog? Well, we'll just have to wait and see. We are cautiously optimistic here, but we will certainly be watching to see how these changes affect the programming.

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