Monday, September 19, 2011

WWE Night Of Champions 2011

Wasn't Night of Champions in June last year?

I dug Night of Champions.  I think it was a damned fine pay per view.  Here's my reasons why:

The Awesome Truth vs Air Boom.  At first I was a little outraged that Miz and Truth were curtain-jerking, but the more I considered it as the match went on, it really parlays into their conspiracy theory.  If Miz were the one typing this, he'd be sure to point out to everyone here that he was a headliner at this year's Mania.  If R-Truth were the one typing this, he'd tell you that the Little Jimmies were the ones keeping him down.  The referee Rod Zapata (whom I didn't recognize, had to go to to find out his name) was horribly out of place during the entire match, missed several tags between Miz and Truth but somehow caught every one of Air Boom's- including one that didn't even happen!  The ref also missed a clear pin by the Miz on Bourne under the guise of arguing with Truth.  Sadly, that was all Miz could handle and he pushed the ref to the ground, causing a disqualification. I hate agreeing with Michael Cole on anything, but I agree with him on this count: that particular ref needed to perform better.  After the match, Miz and Truth both went ballistic, beating on poor Rod and yelling at anything that moved.

Cody Rhodes vs Ted Dibiase: This was a great match to me.  Cody came off looking better, as per usual, but my favorite part? Cody hiding his face with his hand after he won.  By now it's obvious that the 'disfigurement' of Cody's face is psychosomatic, and I'm okay with that.  Cody has transformed from a simply annoying gimmick into one of the most truly evil characters on the blue side of the team.  Also, this is directed to you, Jerry Lawler: Cody DID NOT have a "handful of tights".

Christian coming out and trying to get a "one more match" chant? Awesome.  Sheamus coming out to help then Brogue Kicking Christian's face off? Priceless.  It also makes me want Sheamus to have his own interview segment in the vein of The Highlight Reel or The Cutting Edge.

Morrison v Riley v Dolph v Swagger:  I have very little to say about this.  It did help push forward the Swagger v Doph angle, and I liked that, but Morrison and Riley didn't really fit into this match, nor did the crowd seem to be that into it.

Mark Henry vs Randy Orton:  Holy Crap.  I didn't think he could pull this out.  I didn't think Randy Orton would lose this match.  I was expecting RKO's to go flying from everywhere.  They surprised me with this one.  They really did give Mark Henry exactly what he's deserved in recent weeks.  He has proven himself.  He earned this title.  Good for Mark Henry.  Good for changes of pace.  May you reign well, new Champion.  May you reign well.

Buttlerfly Joke Belt Match, also known as Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix:  I have nothing to say about this.  Next match.

JERRRRN CEEENER vs ADR: I liked this match.  I like everything from CENER stealing ADR's car to the match itself to the throwing out of Ricardo to the GIANT CENA HEAD in the crowd and the GIANT ADR HEAD to accompany it.  I did not like this finish, however.  Cener doesn't need that damned belt anymore than I need an extra foot growing out of my back.  I also didn't like his interaction with the crowd afterward.  Not cool, Cena, not cool.  (As a sidenote, fans, keep up that let's go Cena/Cena sucks chant.  It never fails to amuse me.)

Mr. Haiches vs CM Punk:  This match.  THIS MATCH.  It is an example of both good booking and bad booking.  The match was fanfreakingtastic.  CM Punk and Mr. Haiches took everything they had and left it there in that ring.  It legitimately looked like they wanted to kill each other.  Then, out of no where, our curtain jerkers ran in and started destroying Scott Armstrong and HHH and CM Punk.  At some point, the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, Emperor Palpatine came out and got everything going again.  And then sent a text.  And then the now fired Kevin Nash came out. And attacked Trips and CM Punk. And then left. No, he attempted to leave.  But he was stopped by the Sledgening: Sledgie Strikes Back.  Then Hunter won. Or something.  I got confused.

I'm gonna go ahead and give NOC a 7 out of 10.

Now, let's start the build to Hell in a Cell- in just two weeks! (groan)

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