Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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It's great to live in an age where everyone has a voice. Thanks to social media, we're given glimpses into everyone's lives- be the celebrity or mundane or even a feral pigeon on the loose. It's given us access like never before to our favorite wrestlers; the kind of access I'm sure people would have died for in the 70s and 80s.

That being said, I'm noticing a trend in the way some of our beloved stars are using their newfound freedom of expression, and i don't like it.

It seems that we fans of the Internet Wrestling Community mean less than our brethren without social media access. It seems to have become the cool thing to do to hate on us. The 10%ers. The fat Internet marks. The ones who just don't know our place.

We are the ones who grew up in the eighties and nineties. We are the one who were little Hulkamaniacs and Warriors and Stingers. We grew as the technology did.

It's hard to be a wrestling fan. We endure ridicule about our love. Sometimes we have to hide it. Sometimes we were bullied at school because we loved Hulk Hogan. Then- the Internet came. It gave us a place to gather and talk about our hidden love, the be able to say in all caps- I LOVE WRESTLING! I'm not alone! There are more like me out there!

Yet it seems now that many stars in the business think the best way to garner some heat is to take a shot at us. In recent months, guys like Gunner, Kurt Angle (who claims he was hacked), Eric Bischoff, and even the mighty Hulkster himself have all taken potshots at us. Of course, they're always quick to backpedal and say that they didn't mean what thy said afterward and maybe we just took it wrong, but we know that they meant every word they typed.

So, from one so called 10%er, one fat Internet mark to any of you wrestlers out there in social media land- please remember, we in the IWC can embrace you and help you soar to heights that you could never imagine. Or you can anger us and we will tear you from from your pedestals and never look back. Those little ones you treasure so much now, out there in the crowds? They're growing up just like we did and as we did, they will idolize you until you hurt us. And those kids? More savvy than we are.

Be careful, social media superstars. We are listening. And we are paying attention. It's easy to gain our acceptance. It's harder to gain our love. Even moreso our respect. But it's much harder to gain us back after you hurt us.

Don't make us angry. You won't like it.

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